Miss Natasha Enquist
MC, Lead Singer

Born and raised in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, Miss Natasha Enquist grew up surrounded by her colorful and close-knit German/Swedish/Hungarian family.

From an early age , she learned classical piano through the Canadian Conservatory of Music and, with having creative parents, and her mother who played accordion, it was only natural for her to play as well.

Since her childhood education, she has studied voice, theater and dance and taken private lessons with accordion legends Irv Lang, Mario Pedone and Andy Mirkovich.

Miss Natasha Enquist is a versatile performer who has contacted to Walt Disney World, Heineken and numerous Canadian theater companies, has performed at Berlin, Germany’s historical Wintergarten Theatre Varieté, performed with Canadian children’s performer Mr. Fred Penner, has managed and led her own musical ensembles, performed at music festivals, in short films, at corporate events, comedy acts - and the collaborations and projects only continue.

Currently she is working on her debut album in Berlin, Germany. Her musical inspirations include electronic music, French musette and eastern European music, Depeche Mode, David Bowie and Leonard Cohen, and shares attributes with Grace Jones, Annie Lennox and Marlene Dietrich.